Permanent Makeup Training

Permanent Makeup Training

With Sereycheat McCullough

All Skill Levels

From beginners to experienced practitioners, our comprehensive training adapts to your needs, ensuring everyone can excel.

In-Person Training

Benefit from personalized feedback, and invaluable hands-on practice. Immersive in-person training sets the path to scalp micropigmentation success.

Maximize Earnings

Our intensive program equips you with strategies and techniques to boost your income and thrive in this lucrative field.

Highly Acclaimed

Supported by glowing reviews and industry accolades, rest assured this program boasts an outstanding reputation among professionals and clients alike

Change Lives

Through this transformative education, individuals can experience a profound impact, regaining their confidence and self-esteem

Be Your own Boss

Empower yourself with the skills to be your own boss, and enjoy the freedom and flexibility you've always dreamed of through our permanent makeup training

3 days of Hands-on Brows Training

$2000 Including Startup Kit
HANAFY pigments
Powder Machine

Create Beautiful Powder Brows

Our Training Space

Permanent Makeup Training Questions

Yes! Permanent makeup is very popular and it's a fast-growing field.

Powder brows and SMP are our most-requested services.

That's a great question. Artists don't have to live in a major city in order to be successful. Some of our best artists return to their towns and are extremely successful because competition is low.

By being consistent and marketing yourself. If you're great at your craft and continually improve, referrals will be the mainstay of your permanent makeup business.

First, you need to comply with your local and state regulations. Then, find a reputable and established artist.

Yes! Do not attempt to do permanent makeup on anyone without the proper training. While there are some excellent online resources, that in no way replaces hands-on training.

Simply put, we never stop learning and improving. Microblading takes only a few days to learn, but years to master.